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Anonymous said...

Very nice, Chris. Thank you for this tribute!

Unknown said...

"Uncle Gene" was my father-away-from-home when I stayed at the Mennonite hostel while attending Hokkaido International School in the '60s. John F. Kennedy was president then, and I always remembered that Uncle Gene and JFK were born the same year. Uncle Gene was a kind and gentle man. I will miss him!
--Steve Shenk

Anonymous said...

Although we didn't know your father, we can see how much he was loved and admired. Our prayers are with you and the entire Blosser family in this loss.

Jeremy & Katie Fisher (and family)

Pertinacious Papist said...

These pages and pictures offer an endless source of reminiscence and nostalgia from a time that now feels like another lifetime and another world. I hope that the as yet unedited chapters of the journal can be completed sometime so as to finish the entire series of entries.